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Meet the co-authors:
It is everyone’s individual role to play our parts in creating the new era. Let’s join in community to do so, leveraging the knowledge, expertise and insights of this book which will start empowering conversations.

Shift, A New Era Begins, published by Reach for Greatness Ltd. is the third in a series of four books where we brought together the voices of our historic pandemic era where significant life and career shifts have occurred.

We know you will enjoy reading this extraordinary collection of 25 uplifting perspectives of this historic era.

This book is part of a series that has been born through inspiration. Through the lockdown new stories emerged and the world seems to have shifted over-night. Many individuals have faced extreme challenges in these times and we have brought together the voices of this historic era.

What was deemed normal has been questioned and shattered. All of a sudden, the impossible became possible, new ways of working were established and for the first time, we appreciated people who were working on the front line.

We so saw a SHIFT in jobs, perspectives, expectations, equality and the physical body.

Sabine Matharu is the founder of The Empowerment Portal which is a unique holistic solution for organisations to elevate the “Whole Human” at work.

“The Empowerment Portal” helps restore and increase productivity, engagement and ensure staff retention in organisations through tailored leadership and team development, physical and mental wellness campaigns as well as career support.

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What another great way to connect to people in the midst of “social distancing!” I love reading about the positive and deep transformation people are experiencing through COVID-19. This book has plenty of that. If you’d like more hope; to know you’re not alone; or to be inspired to see a deeper gift through unexpected challenges the pandemic brought you, this book is great for that.
Kim O’Neill - Confidence & Interview Coach

Such a powerful compilation of people's stories and journeys. Truly remarkable. It just goes to show that even when we think we have reached our breaking point; that its usually just before the break through. Truly inspirational.
Talia Nitschke , Beauty Therapist 

Thought provoking passage that really took me a on a journey. Learning the stories of others and understanding life is not simple, with different peaks and troughs for everyone. However, with consistency of basic habits even the lowest of troughs can be overcome. 
Arun Sandhu, Director

Such honest & inspiring words. Really relatable and some values that every
person needs to understand. 
James Palmer, Financial Advisor

For an individual who in the past has given too much, not known their self worth and had a breakdown, this book resonates loudly. To learn how to move forward, appreciate and improve oneself is an ongoing task and these stories cover all bases. It makes you question your decisions and life path and gives great inspiration. In these stories, you realise everyone is human and goes through tough uncertain times whether a CEO or labourer. Also navigating through Covid has tested everyones resilience and this book summaries different scenarios beautifully and truthfully. 
Joanna Mathieson, Financial Officer

I loved the way Caroline decided to come back to herself & reconnecting with her higher self, to find the inner strength she needed to walk away from the toxic relationship she was in. Her story shows 'being held & supported from above' & is a beautiful unfolding of what the energy of love can do in your life.
Martine Werkhoven, Love & Authenticity Practitioner

A great collection of stories highlighting the many changes and challenges that have occurred during a major moment globally with COVID-19. I really connected with Michael Duah’s insightful passage regarding being “better after lockdown”. He reasoned that at any time in our lives we can find ourselves “locked down” not just physically but mentally through fear, loss of identity etc and how we can use these moments to look deeper, be better and do better! Inspiring,
thought provoking and I throughly enjoyed.
Camille Williams, Administrator

I found 'Better After Lockdown' a powerful and inspiring read. I love Michael's honesty and openness in sharing his story and how he's used the challenges he's faced to not only better his own life but also to inspire others to do the same. To show others there's a way out of hard times, that there's an alternative way to look upon those hard times and there's strength within us all to overcome whatever
we might be confronted with.
Rumesh Wijayaratne, Finance Assistant 

This left me so inspired! Michael spoke about the importance of taking time to pause and change our thinking so that we can be better for ourselves and our society. If you need that push to inspire others and see a change, then this book is for you. 
Paula Finch, Stay at home mum

This is a book that every entrepreneur should read. Not only to get assurance that you are not alone in your struggles but to see how others have found realisations, clarity, their SHIFTs and eventually a way to come out successfully at the other end of the pandemic. Each story shows you a clear moment in the middle of despair that path you the way forward. We are all strong individuals and we have the greatness in ourselves to achieve anything despite what life throws at us. Miracles are around us but often we don’t see them. This book is filled miracles that happened around us.
Orsi B Nagy, Business Coach

The honesty and openness was refreshing to read.
Reg Awoliyi, Pastor

I really enjoyed Cliff Taylors submission, I think it gave a unique perspective that readers can relate to. Particularly as his shift was planned but got moved forward due to the pandemic - it really gives context to the impact on senior professionals
Screen reader support enabled.
Dawn Morton-Young, HR Consultant

A huge variety of stories, written by real people who have turned problems into opportunities and created shifts in their lives that move mountains that mostly created a better world. Such a collection of diverse voices will impact the reader deeply causing them at worst to think and at best to make a big change that will make a big difference.
Jo Parfitt, Author and Writing Mentor

I loved the range of experiences and voices that are included in this book. I felt inspired by some and challenged to consider a different perspective by others. This has been such a challenging time and we need to have real stories from real people to help point the way forward. You have delivered!
Laurie Seymour, CEO

A fantastic piece of writing! Melanie articulates in an excellent and nuanced manner how lockdown has affected those living alone, in long distanced relationships, navigating friendships, ticking biological clocks, boundaries and the wish for control when so many of our freedoms were removed.
This piece highlights the power of following one’s instinct and the positivity that stems from spotting the opportunity in the problem.
LOVED it – a must read, irrespective of the position you find yourself in!
Charlotte Strang, Chartered Surveyor

Melanie's lockdown story is self-aware, honest and therefore so accessible. Her sparks of humour making light of truly difficult circumstances really show how powerful we humans can be when we choose to find the opportunities for personal growth, maintain healthy boundaries and listen to our intuition.
Katy Meade-King, Complimentary Therapist

I found the stories enclosed really insightful from start to finish. The variety offered by each one made for really interesting reading, which also allowed me to easily dip in and out. Other readers will no doubt draw much comfort and inspiration from the wisdom enclosed - I certainly did.
Screen reader support enabled.
Emma Rowbory, Interior Designer

When you have no choice but to change.....
Some folk are energised by the excitement of having to rethink at pace. From a career perspective they relish the ‘burning platform’ opportunity…unaffected by a lack of perceived personal control.
Innovators by nature, live in the moment types that get a genuine buzz from switching things up and challenging their own status quo have, dare I say it, been fuelled by the recent change of play.

These people often pivot in their career paths anyway, well, just because they can…… it’s fun ….
Others, not so much, particularly those people who after decades of the proverbial ‘corporate slog’ find their well-conceived plans for their future derailed….Cliff’s biographical account of the year 2020 will resonate with many I am sure…
In the sharing of his inner thought journey over the last 18 months, Cliff captures the quasi ‘grief cycle’ of change in a very relatable way, ‘baby steps’. In it he shows us the importance of remaining open minded and optimistic.

For me, Cliff’s story is one of hope for a generation on the edge of retirement. He infers the importance of learning agility as a crucial component of contentment.
Which let’s face it, is the aspirational state for us all.

Caroline Ely, HR Consultant
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